10 ton hydraulic press 10 ton hydraulic jack was used 100 bar gauge was attached With antipasti and oil painting, painted Operations must be performed only by person skilled!!! CALCULATION Pressure gauge shows the bar Bar,  does not equal to KG Calculation; Inner diameter of the tube is measured Surface area is calculated-(formula=π.r²)( hydraulic oil pressure […]

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Fireproof Paper Making

Burning characteristics of the paper removed with fireproof solution Fireproff functionality has not been tested in the fabric! idea: to block the burning of the rocket parachute The materials used must not be swallowed! Required Materials 500 ml water 57 gr boric acid 62 gr borax 140 gr ammonium sulfate 50 ml water was added 14 g of copper […]

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Safe ignition Circuit diagram belongs to  Richard Nakkadan Works with 6 volt battery acid Button is a high-amperage Model Rocket Ignition System Required Materials 3A fuse and socket 220R resistance 2 PCS 50R resistance 4 PCS led (1 pcs green /1 pcs red / 2 pcs yellow) 5v relay 2 way button 2 pcs high-amperage button Pertinaks Operation Principle Button opens the circuit is energized Press the control button, […]