Lesson2 – Touchscreen libraries – MikroC – The resistive Touch Panel 4 Wire

I wrote in mikroC , 4-wire resistive touch panel control library I used the mikroelektronika circuit to drive the panel. Below is the circuit diagram Guide  and video watch ? Touch you can see in the video library “writing” and “pixel” functions belong to the library I have written. Therefore, if you are using standard mikroC library must write […]



During analog to digital conversion with PIC the noise occurs The problem is current from the supply because it does not absorb enough the noise ,We have developed a circuit for it (together with my brother) ;-) Circuit transformer, capacitor and diode is comprised of. Operating logic, capacitors absorb noise. Three output transformer should be selected. […]

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Safe ignition Circuit diagram belongs to  Richard Nakkadan Works with 6 volt battery acid Button is a high-amperage Model Rocket Ignition System Required Materials 3A fuse and socket 220R resistance 2 PCS 50R resistance 4 PCS led (1 pcs green /1 pcs red / 2 pcs yellow) 5v relay 2 way button 2 pcs high-amperage button Pertinaks Operation Principle Button opens the circuit is energized Press the control button, […]