Using Load Cell With INA122 Integration

What is Load Cell? Technical Materials Required for Load Cell Calibration Weight Base Plate Lifting Piece INA122 Amplifier Integration INA122 Pin Functions AD586 +5V Reference Integration AD586 Pin Functions Load Cell Circuit Load Cell Circuit Scheme Required Materials Making Circuit INA122 RG Resistance Measurement Circuit Setup Images Doing Calibration Doing Proper ADC Settings for PIC […]


LH52256 SRAM MicroC Library

What is SRAM? Why RAM is used with PIC? General Information about LH52256 and RAMs LH52256 MicroC Library and General Principle of its Circuit LH52256 Pin Functions 74HC164 Pin Functions LH52256 Running Protocols General Operation Table LH52256 Data Reading Operation LH52256 Data Writing Operation LH52256 SRAM Circuit LH52256 Circuit Scheme Necessary Materials Making Circuit LH52256 […]


ACS712 Current Sensor- MicroC Library

ACS712 Current Sensor How to Estimate Current with ACS712 ACS712 Pin Functions ACS712 Circuit Diagram Necessary Materials Making Circuit ACS712 MicroC Library Functions ACS712_AKIM_OLCME Function Application of Functions Pin Identification Reading Current Experiment Video Result Library Files References ACS712 Current Sensor ACS712 sensor can accurately measure the current passing through the”hall-effect” system. “Hall-effect” system measures the […]


433 Mhz RF Receiver-Transmitter MikroC Library

Radio Frequency Transmitter and Receivers Module Type Frequency and Power Antenna System Type General Notes and Cautions Module Pins and Its Functions Receiver Module Pins Transmitter Module Pins Circuit Scheme Necessary Materials Making Circuit 433 Mhz RF Module MikroC Library Functions RF_433MHZ_ILETISIM_BASLAT  Function RF_433MHZ_VERI_GONDER Function RF_433MHZ_VERI_AL  Function Function Applications Send Basic Command Data Transfer Operation Video […]