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Ercan Koçlar

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The Programs I Use

General Programs

  • My work - My Articles -My Experiences Windows 10 – (licensed)
  • open_office Open Office  – (open source)
  • filezilla File Zilla Ftp – (open source)
  • ShareXShareX – (open source)

Illustration and Design Programs

  • Adobe Photoshop CS2-(free licensed)
  • Adobe Audition 3.0-(free licensed)
  • Autodesk AutoCAD 2016-(training licenced)
  • Autodesk Inventor 2015-(training licenced)
  • blenderBlender – ( free software at the same time free game engine)

Electronic and Software Programs

  • kicadKiCad – (open source)
  • mikrocMikroC -(Licensed)
  • dev_cDevC++-(open source)

My Occupations

  • Designing Rocket
  • TIG Source
  • Petting Tarantula
  • Electronic
  • Playing Violin
  • Doing chemical experiments
  • Watching the nature
  • Reading books
  • Research – Discovering new information and new places

Change and Development of my Laboratory over the Years

Laboratory 29-10-1998
  • My first lab. At the years I try to do something by mixing things I collected from the street and the materials I found at home (I am 11 years old)
Laboratory 09-06-2005
  • I did not have a fine scales that time. In high school, I made my own scales. I found some places to sell chemical materials and laboratory glassware, and it became more scientific by developing a little more (I am 18 years old).
Laboratory 05-01-2007
  • I quickly moved on to work on the field of rockets. The first sensitive scales on my desk are my hydraulic jacks and rocket models, and plenty of chemicals from experiments. (I’m 20 years old)
Laboratuvar 10-10-2016
  • Science is now a lifestyle for me. Besides chemistry, there are electronics, art, software. Many details such as leds, materials, lathes, pc, oscilloscope are available in my lab and as days go by, the number of books, materials, machines is increasing. (I’m 29 years old)


The Story of What I did from Yesterday to Today

My Works began when I was a child. I experimented different things such as burning colonial papers, mixing medicines, etc. When I came to the first year of my high school education I saw on my chemistry book that the water is separated into hydrogen and oxygen by electrolysis and hydrogen burns. At that time I did not believe how something could burn out of water. I started a lot of electrolysis experiment, but somehow I couldn’t be successful. I was able to produce hydrogen in the end, and I liked that. I wanted to produce all elements. The next goal was salt, “sodium chloride”. I was interested chlorine because it was toxic. I started working on it and I did a lot of test. Chlorine was very active so electrodes could not stand it. One day charcoal sticks in the battery came into my mind. I tried and succeeded. But there were many more problems, and I also took care of them after a long trial. I finally produced chlorine! I developed a machine which could produce sodium hydroxide, chlorine and hydrogen at the same time and store them. I produced chlorine continually and disinfected household insects and the hamster’s nest in my room. One day there was a very bad thing. The machine was filled with too much chlorine; its pipe out and the room was filled with chlorine gas. Chlorine gas used in World War 1 was a very poisonous chemical weapons gas. I went out of home immediately. My blue short was extremely white because of the whitining effect of chlorine. I was having trouble with breathing. After this incident, I took a break to study electrolysis. I stayed in my relatives during this period. When I arrived home my room was still smelled of chlorine. Everything in my room was White and burnt by the effect of chlorine. The next year, I designed larger and safer machine, but next year I went to another area – explosive. I’ve always been interested in explosives. I got all information through the internet. I did a lot of things, but they were limited to very small and harmless mixes. In fact I wanted to make a flying car, to make a rocket. I did a lot of experiments with this aim. After a full one-year of studies and experiments I did, finally I made fuel called glucose fuel. But now it was necessary to do an engine and I had to find clay for this. I looked everywhere, but there was no clay. I was only find potter pulp. One day, I read an article on the internet. It said that a man used cat droppings instead of clay. I was shocked! I realized later that the man was using the cat litter, not cat droppings. I went to a petshop and saw that the cat litter made from 100% clay and bought it immediately. In the following days, I made many small engines. I threw them in the large pipe connecting strips. Their range was about 60 to 90 degrees. Now it was time to make a rocket in real terms. I immediately began to work on it. I did something, put the engine and I fired. The rocket threw by me by somersault and I was surprised. I did one more, one more, one more, and always the same result! Whereupon I began to make research on the internet again and I understood that it was a balance and center of pressure dispute. In the following days, I found the program – WinLock. This program was an enlightenment. This program would provide the balance. I did a test at the end and rocket went straight for the first time. Now I was an amateur rocket maker.

In the following times I made a bigger engine, a larger model. And it reached up to 300 m. After that day, I did countless engine and rocket test. I have been working on this issue yet.


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