I developed for my PIC projects but can be used in general-purpose.  9v>5v and 5v>3.3v  switch mode regulator 3.3v is available in SD card and MMC card project No noise with Switch Mode system I would particularly recommend , the use of high-speed crystals I would recommend the use of tantalum capacitors IMPORTANT! – Tantalum capacitors can explode if connected incorrectly Required Materials […]

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         The Programs I Use General Programs  Windows 10 – (licensed)  Open Office  – (open source)  File Zilla Ftp – (open source) ShareX – (open source) Illustration and Design Programs Adobe Photoshop CS2-(free licensed) Adobe Audition 3.0-(free licensed) Autodesk AutoCAD 2016-(training licenced) Autodesk Inventor 2015-(training licenced) Blender – ( free software at the […]